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Google Plus One on your Yahoo Store

Google released Google +1 a few weeks ago and it is here to provide a type of “Social search” for any of your linked friends to your gmail account can see what you have “+1″ on a search and will display your name next to the search result page, check out http://www.google.com/+1/button/ for more info. today we would like to show you how to install the plus one on your yahoo store and align the button with Yahoo!’s social widget.



First off this will need some jQuery code for it to line up with Yahoo’s social share but we will give you all the code and if you have any issues comments are always open and we try to answer any questions.

The Google plus one code will grab the current URL of the page but you can specify the URL through Canonical or a href in the plus one tag, we will not show you how to do that but you can read the documents at the Google +1 site.

Variables -> Head-tags

First lets start at your stores head tags, we need to add 1 or 2 scripts, one script if you have jQuery code on your page and 2 if you don not.

jQuery code if you do not have it in your store:

[snippet id=47639]

And the Google plus one code:

[snippet id=55241]

One more item to add to the head tags, we need to add the code to place the Plus one to the social share bar, we need to add the jQuery that will reposition the plus one button.

[snippet id=55244]

Variables -> Copyright

Now before you hit update on your variables page lets add this code to the footer area, this can be placed in the copyright right under your copy right… make sure that your year is right.

[snippet id=55243]

OK, hit the update button and you should see some plus one action on your item pages and you will see the Google +1 right next to the twitter icon!

As always we are working with a STOCK Yahoo! store and not one that has been built by a developer, with a custom store you may need professional help but first try yourself to see if it works. Enjoy!

UPDATE! If you would like to use the RTML version checkout ollomedia.com



Posted August 26, 2011 at 11:53 pm | Permalink

Thanks for this post, my +1 button does not show in standard IE 8, compatibility view does show +1, but facebook button is below +1 & twitter buttons, do you think this is a css problem? Same with the ollomedia.com method, I’ll try tweaking, but i am not sure what is happening. I have never been able to see a +1 button in FF ????


Posted September 4, 2011 at 4:01 am | Permalink

Great post! Thank you for saving me so much time.

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