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Facebook “Like” Button

fb-like-button** check out the new Yahoo! social network plugin at Social Share** Social networking is big. If this is news to you, come out from the rock you live under and join the fun on the  “interwebs”. I am going to show you how to add a Facebook Like button to your store with RTML code.  This button will have the item page URL built into it so everyone’s friends can see what they liked. The goal of this is to bring in new customers, and I hope that it helps your Yahoo! store.

I will show you how to add it right under the headline just like the above image. We will start by finding the Yhst-#######-image-and-text template.  On that template we need to look for this code:
[snippet id=47641]
The top of the template should appear as above.  I would like you to click on the “TAG” operator.  Once it is black, click on  “new” at the top, from there we will find the “WHEN” operator and hit “Create,” then “paste after” so it should look like this:

[snippet id=47645]

Now click on “nil” and hit “new”, then find the CALL op and hit create again.  From there hit “replace” and should now see


Now click on “CALL” and hit edit, then add this text without the quotes “:has-price.”  It should look like

WHEN CALL :has-price.

Now for the Meat of the like button, click on “WHEN,” hit  “new” and find “TEXT,” then “create.”  You will need to paste that within the “WHEN” op. We will now add the facebook code and you will need to edit this for your domain:

[snippet id=47644]

Now lets build the item URL, click new and “TEXT” then click on the “nil” of the TEXT op click new and select “AS-STRING” and replace the “nil” from there click on “edit” and type “id” without quotes, from there we need to click the new again and find “Text” and we will need to paste that after the last “TEXT” op. Now we will finish up the code with the closing of all the tags. click edit and add this with quotes ".html'></fb:like></div>"

and the template as a whole should look like…

[snippet id=47643]

some of the code is not 100% right and that is how it will line up on the blog. when copied and pasted into the RTML it will work right. If you have any issues post in the comments


Jim Bunger

Posted October 19, 2010 at 9:41 pm | Permalink

ok I am a little new to all of this rtml but when I followed this I get a jscript error that ‘runInitFB’ is undefined. I contacted yahoo to have them add the FB information to my doc type but i am not sure that that will fix it. ay ideas what I maight be doing wrong?


    Posted October 26, 2010 at 6:38 pm | Permalink

    it is not your doc type but part of the javascript code. Keep in mind that with RTML you are chopping up the javascript to add the RTML elements that will add the needed content.

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