About Us

E-comm Solution has been in existence since 2008. Our target market is small and medium size sites and stores. We believe that – “whatever is worth doing is worth doing well”, and that is why we provide streamlined, top-notch, and unique enterprise features for small and medium sites by building features in modular design.

Our selling points are our low price and uncompromised quality; after all, the best things in life are free. No need to bother about high-price web design and developers. At E-comm, we give you much more for less.

Modular design

Our features and add-ons are 100% independent modules. The benefits associated with this include reduction in cost, lesser customization and learning time, flexibility in design, and exclusion. Our features efficiently combine the benefits of standardization and easy customization, giving you the best your business needs to grow.

At E-comm, we consider the entirety of your site from its appearance to its speed. Nobody enjoys using a slow site. For this reason, for every feature we add to your site, we add the same features to your asynchronous JavaScript file. This will help your site load faster, be more secured, and ultimately a higher retention rate.

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Time is money

Businesses that are successful are those that realize that “time is money” and act accordingly. This seemingly simple mantra is one of our watch words at E-comm. As a benchmark, we ensure that within 24 hours of gaining access into a client’s site, our enhancements are up and running.

We are constantly evolving to add more value to our site and your store. Our modular feature enhancements are built to match and upgrade your site features in a matter of hours (not days or weeks). Time may be money, but your business must be prepared to make use of every opportunity. We help you maximize the potentials of your site and store.

Savings you can measure

The growth and success of your business should be measurable. Our features are guaranteed to help you save cost. By using module design, you can cut down on costs by customizing and using add-ons instead of going through the design phase from the scratch.

Using E-comm is a win-win situation for your business because you save more and have more to invest in other site features.

Contact Us

Contact us by simply Emailing to info@e-commsolutionc.com We are happy to help with anything from small to big and can fix almost anything... just ask!